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St. Cross Rotunda | Prague Architecture

St. Cross Rotunda

The second oldest rotunda in Prague from the end of the 11th century is the St. Cross rotunda located in a quiet courtyard in Old Town. The rotunda was fortunately saved from demolition in the 19th century and Architect V. Ullman and painter B. Waschsmann renovated the lovely St. Cross rotunda from 1862 to 1865, originally the structure had only one window, the reconstruction brought two more. J. Manes added the decorative circular cast iron railing. A creepy story is attached to the history of the rotunda; where the rotunda sits there used to be a pond, a young girl who defied her parents religiously was crucified and thrown into the pond. The next day the cross rose above the pond. Apparently during the reconstruction the rotten cross was found in the foundation of the rotunda.

Karoliny Svetle and Konviktska Streets, Praha 1.


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