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Náprstek Museum

Located in the Old Town district of Prague, known for its winding cobblestone lanes, colorful Baroque facades and world-class sights is the intriguing Náprstek Museum. This museum features a collection of unique ethnographic oddities gathered by 19th century Czech nationalist Vojta Náprstek, whose love of traveling and primitive cultures brought about the accumulation of artifacts from his travels and fellow Czech travelers who also roamed around the world. The collection spans from all over the world with the majority of the items being from the North and South America, Pacific Islands and Australia. The Náprstek Museum is the perfect place to find yourself on a rainy day; you can wander through the halls alone, contemplating the educational artifacts that teach you about the world in which you live.  

Betlémské náměstí 1, Praha 1, +420 224 497 500, +420 224 497 511, www.nm.cz/Naprstek-Museum/


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