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Petřín Tower

Next to the Mirror Maze on Petřín Hill you will find Prague's own intriguing miniature of the Eiffel Tower. Built for the General Land Centennial Exhibition in 1891, the Petřín Lookout Tower is the romantic symbol of Petřín Hill. It was erected above Prague only two years after the completion of the elegant Eiffel Tower in Paris. The tower rises 378 meters above sea level and represents one of the most famous and dominant features of Prague. The total height of the Petřín Lookout Tower is 63,5 meters, and you can enjoy splendid views from its two platforms with the highest one being located in 55 meters. You will reach the top after a climb of 229 steps, but it is well worth it, for the tower boasts stunning views of the Prague panorama and on a clear day you can even see the Sněžka mountain peak in the north of the country, the highest peak in the Czech Republic. A lift is available for persons with limited mobility. On the lowest level of the tower you can visit a small museum dedicated to Jára Cimrman, a fictional - but nevertheless famous - Czech character. We should be grateful that the Petřín Lookout Tower has been preserved until today, as it is said that on his visit to the occupied Prague in March of 1939, Adolf Hitler uttered a wish that the Petřín Lookout Tower be demolished as it hinders the nice view from the Prague Castle. Fortunately, the tower still stands today and if you decide to visit it, you can get to the top of the hill comfortably by funicular or by foot using the many prepared walking paths through the orchards and gardens on the hillside.

 Petřín, Praha 1 – Malá Strana


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