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Mirror Maze | Prague
Petřín Hill with Mirror Maze
Mirror Maze | Activities for Children

The Mirror Maze

The location of the Mirror Maze alone is worth the visit, perched atop Petřín Hill, the maze will entertain children big and small alike. The maze is not giant by any means, but it has a hall of distorting mirrors and is located in a small fairy tale like building, sure to capture your imagination; it is a miniature remainder of the exhibition grounds from 1891. The miniature castle sits next to Prague's miniature Eiffel Tower, the Petřín Lookout Tower; so the two sights can be easily seen at once. There is a large painting in the miniature castle depicting the invasion in 1648 of the Charles Bridge by the Swedish army which is worth a gaze. You can get to the top of the Petřín Hill comfortably by funicular.

Petrin Hill Praha 1, Malá Strana


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