Gordana Glass

Would you like to make your home, workspace or any kind of important space complete with something exclusive and truly beautiful? Glass artifacts designed by the renowned glassmaker and designer Gordana Turuk will bring spellbinding beauty, as well as true positive energy to any interior you choose. Comprising artistic glassware of various colors, sizes and shapes, all Turuk's collections are based on several basic values, which, together, form her unique style. These include the values of family, friendship, humility and love. Gordana Turuk takes these abstract legacies and transforms them into material pieces of art, each of which – without making a sound – tells the story of positive life energy and good emotions. The glassware designed and made by Gordana Turuk falls under the patronage of the Gordana Glass brand, which includes a wide range of Turuk's artworks – from paintings and multifarious objects to interior and exteriors accessories, glass awards, bowls, sculptures and much more. All artistic objects presented by Gordana Glass arise through a special technique that gives them their magical charm. Glass fusing is used to join glass pieces together by melting the glass at high temperature, requiring multiple pieces of glass combined with pigments and precious metals including gold or platinum. Once all the layers of glass, pigments and metals are properly layered, the stack is placed inside a kiln and heated until the separate pieces bond together thoroughly, creating beautiful objects with impressive color ornaments. Gordana Turuk was born in Mannheim, Germany, yet has Croatian roots. She is a versatile artist, designer and businesswoman. Despite graduating from fashion and design school, she started to engage in artistic glassware right after. Her distinctive artwork has been so successful and popular that is has gained the hearts of art lovers all around the globe, including the British Queen and the King of Norway, Pope Benedict XVI and many other significant names. Should you ever want to meet this "queen of glass" and her work, simply use the contact form on her website to arrange a personal presentation at her Prague showroom.

Dušní 15, Praha – Josefov, +420 733 280 370, www.gordanaglass.com

Address: Dušní 15, Praha 1

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