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Studio Pirsc Porcelain

Founded in Mikulov in 2005 by Daniel Pirsc, Studio Pirsc Porcelain is one of the leading studios in the world of porcelain design and production in the Czech Republic and abroad. Pirsc’s porcelain is successful due to its high quality and original design - which is nothing short of whimsical. One of the most intriguing porcelain products created and produced by Studio Pirsc is the original 3D Wallpaper. This porcelain wallpaper that comes in a variety of different design shapes including birds, raindrops, airplanes, crosses, ovals, roses, etc., takes simplicity to a new design level with surprisingly elegant results. The 3D Wallpaper is available in a crisp white finish, shiny silver or a twinkling gold. The studio focuses on small series production with each product undergoing several modifications, ensuring top quality and authenticity; each piece of porcelain is then presented with a certificate of originality guaranteeing that it is a true original. Studio Pirsc Porcelain offers other gorgeous decorations and useful household items as well including vases, salt and pepper shakers, banks and more. You can purchase his porcelain online and at various Prague stores including Dox by Qubus, Hard-de-Core, Modernista, and InSpiro.

Konevova 254/1, Mikulov 692 01, +420 605 870 161, +420 733 572 259,




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