Intrika Creative Studio

Even the company's basic material such as business cards, catalogs or stickers will surprise you, as the materials are creative and original. If you put emphasis on creativity and good taste and simply do not want uncreative, monotonous things, the professional Intrika Creative Studio is the right place for you. Intrika Creative Studio offers a wide range of services in the area of graphic design, web design and advertising, from the design of corporate brands, logos, posters, leaflets and catalogs to the creation of websites and e-shops, up to whole campaigns and visuals. Intrika Creative Studio also offers T-shirts, stickers and straw designs plus decorative stickers for shop windows and interiors. Of course, rules and principles of typography, timeliness and respect for the customer's opinion and wishes are fully obeyed. Intrika's professional team will always propose the best solution with a functional outcome, different and better than the competition. No matter if you are an individual, a new or an established company, the Intrika Creative Studio will undoubtedly inspire you with their ideas, colors and shapes! 

Ocelářská 344/10, Praha 9, +420 739 094 300,


Address: Ocelářská 344/10, Praha 9

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