The Simple Creative Group graphic studio will design and provide a unified visual style for your company, including a logo, business cards and other corporate printed material, related advertising services and much more. Simple's comprehensive graphic services will address both corporate clients and individuals. When designing company websites or the concept of an online store, Simple puts emphasis on intuitive and easy use for the end user and optimization of web pages for full text search. The studio also creates original visual styles, thanks to which your company will address its business partners and clients with a unified corporate identity, representative logos, leaflets, brochures, invites or a complete corporate magazine or catalogue that the studio can process from photo shooting products, text proofreading to print and distribution. If your company is going to launch a new product, the Simple graphic studio will present an ideal partner for you who will design an original and functional packaging that will appeal to both your new and existing customers. Moreover, Simple will create an entire advertising campaign for you, so that your product will be well accepted and welcomed on the market. If you are looking for a reliable partner in the area of graphic design in Prague and the Czech Republic, contact Simple Creative Group today. 

Veronika Manukjan, +420 775 166 199,

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