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Bozkov Dolomite Caves

At the northern edge of the Czech Paradise (Český ráj), not far from the town of Semily are located the Bozkov Dolomite Caves (Bozkovské dolomitové jeskyně), the largest discovered dolomite cave complex in the Czech Republic and a part of the national natural heritage since 1999. The caves were created by corrosive activities of underground water on the dolomite massive with a significant admixture of quartz and feature rich natural decoration. The lower part of the caves is flooded and so its visitors can admire the largest underground lake in the Czech Republic as well as smaller romantic lakes with greenish crystal-clear water. So far 1060 meters of corridors with a height-range of 43 meters have been discovered, out of which visitors can enjoy 350 meters during a 45 guided tour. Thanks to their great aesthetic value, mineralogical and geological significance as well as their magical atmosphere, the Bozkov Dolomite Caves have long been a sought-after natural wonder as well as a popular destination for nature lovers from the Czech republic and the whole world. The caves are open Tuesday to Friday all year through and at the weekends from April to October. Especially during the summer months it is advisable to book tours of the caves in advance by phone (you can find the reservation phone number under the map). We recommend to connect the trip to the Bozkov dolomite caves with visiting other cultural and natural sights of the Czech Paradise such as the Kost castle, the Sychrov chateau or the Prachovské skály or Hruboskalsko rock cities.

Photos: Aleš Mihálik

Bozkovské dolomitové jeskyně, Bozkov 263, +420 481 682 167 (reservations), +420 481 682 164,


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