Located close to Prague is the most famous Czech castle, Karlstejn. Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV to house and protect the Royal Coronation Jewels and his collection of holy relics built this magnificent high Gothic fortress, founded in 1348. After 1480 the castle was reconstructed in the late Gothic style and in the Renaissance style in the late 16th century. The present day neo Gothic appearance of the castle is the work of architect Josef Mocker from the end of the 19th century. A major stop on every tourist path, Karlstejn is overcrowded and overrun by people in the summer, but is definitely worth pushing past the hoards of people to see this Gothic castle gem. Overlooking a quaint village with souvenir shops and traditional Czech restaurants, Karlstejn looms over the surrounding area in a most majestic way, commanding your attention and awe. The surrounding countryside is most splendid as well, with lush green forests offering many hiking trails, natural caves, the winding Berounka River and much more, not to mention other castles close by!

Státní hrad Karlštejn: 267 18 Karlštejn, Czech Republic. +420 311 681 617, +420 311 681 296, +420 311 681 695, www.hradkarlstejn.cz

Address: 267 18 Karlštejn, CZ

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