Zleby Chateau

The Zleby Chateau dates back to before 1289 and was originally founded as a Gothic fortress under the Lichtenburk family. The Zleby Chateau was rebuilt after the Hussite Wars in the late 15th century in the Renaissance style and would be reconstructed again in the Baroque style in the late 16th century. The last complete renovation was made in 1849-68 under the management of Karel Vincenc Auersperg. The chateau is home to historical relics and copies of relics from all over the Old World and also features an intriguing collection of leather wallpaper, painted glass windowpanes, old, intricate furniture and newer furniture designed according to original plans from the 19th century. The chateau features two sightseeing tours, the first one lasting one hour and including the chapel, representative rooms in the east wing and the Chateau Kitchen. The second longer tour includes the chateau’s chapel, the eastern wing and kitchen as well plus a lookout tower, the chateau’s theater and the cellar, which is home to a modern art exhibition. The magnificent chateau is surrounded by a lush wooded landscape. The magnificent chateau is surrounded by a lush wooded landscape and the Žleby Game Park where rare white deer are kept.

Photos: Dolce Vita

Zámek Žleby, 285 61 Žleby, www.zamek-zleby.cz

Address: 285 61 Žleby, CZ

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