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Located 6 km from Prague is Pruhonice, a lovely small community featuring a gorgeous park complete with a chateau. The Pruhonice Park showcases 250 hectares of landscaped greenery that will surely make you feel that you have entered a fairy tale. The garden has a system of ponds, rolling meadows, blooming flowers, a Romanesque Church that dates back to 1187, a pretty neo Renaissance chateau and more, making it a perfect place for a family picnic. The community of Pruhonice has 2,120 inhabitants and is made up of three villages that were once separate, Pruhonice, Hole and Rozkos. The area features not only the gorgeous Pruhonice Park but also a lovely dendrological garden, a handful of good restaurants, a congress center, accommodation and more. If you wish to spend a day with your loved ones in a smaller community with the beauty of nature, Pruhonice is a great place to start!

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