Terry's Posters | Prague

Terry Posters

Located inside of the hip Svetozor art house cinema complex is Terryho Ponozky or Terry Posters. The store specializes in everything dealing with movies including vintage Czechoslovak movie posters from the 1930s-1989 (The extensive vintage collection boasts 8,000 original graphic posters of genres such as animation, sci-fi, westerns, spy films, war films and more). The perfect store for film buffs, Terrys Posters also features fiction on movies, international, Czech and Slovakian DVDS, clothes and poster exhibitions as well. Poster exhibitions are held in the main lobby of the Svetozor complex and showcase the best of the original collection.

Cinema Světozor: Vodičkova 41, Praha 1, +420 224 946 829, www.terry-posters.com



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