South American Cuisine

  • Casa Andina | Prague | Interior Casa Andina

    Although foreign visitors sometimes complain that dining options in Prague are not sufficiently varied, this problem seems to be luckily becoming more and more a thing of the past. One of the restaurants highlighting the variety of dining options in Prague is the scrumptious Casa Andina. This eatery is located right in heart of Old Town and offers good quality Peruvian meals at reasonable prices. Of course, with exotic style restaurants, it is the overall experience that matters. It is...

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  • La Casa Argentina | Interior | Prague Restaurants La Casa Argentina

    Located in the gorgeous area of Prague’s Old Town is La Casa Argentina, a popular eatery where you will be transported to the colorful land of Argentina. The restaurant is divided into five sections (described below) representing diverse areas of Argentina from a to z. The setting offers a relaxed yet bustling atmosphere providing a tranquil place to spend your time, which will flow slowly and peacefully like the Parana River, at La Casa Argentina. The first section of La...

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  • La Casa Blu | Prague La Casa Blů

    The flavors of South America are very much alive in this cozy, colorful cantina in the heart of Old Town. There is an amazing, unique atmosphere in this restaurant as the scene is very casual, colorful and lively and full of people clustered around intimate small tables and gathered at the bar to sip coronas, margaritas and shots of yummy tequila. La Casa Blů is non-smoking as well, which makes it even more welcoming. La Casa Blů features a native...

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