Looking for some hot jazz in the cool city of Prague? You've come to the right place. Not many are aware of Prague's hip jazz scene in Central Europe, and the wide range of jazz bars and jazz clubs in Prague will surprise you! Check out our list of the best places to go for live jazz music in Prague.

  • Agharta Jazz Festival | Prague Agharta Jazz Centrum

    Located in the charming area of Prague’s Old Town district is Agharta Jazz Centrum, a popular jazz club, which dates back to 1991 when it opened on September 29th, one day after the death of modern jazz legend and pioneer Miles Davis. The jazz club is in fact named after Davis’s album Agharta, which was recorded in 1975. Agharta Jazz Centrum features live music every night from renowned musicians who are part of the Czech jazz scene and talented international...

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  • Jazz & Blues Club Ungelt | Live Music Jazz & Blues Club Ungelt

    Located in the historic area of the Ungelt Courtyard in Old Town is the popular Jazz & Blues Club Ungelt- a cool venue featuring live music every night starting at 9 p.m. The building which hosts the club amazingly dates back to 1101 and features two vaulted cellar rooms where you can get down to the best jazz and blues grooves the city has to offer all night long all the while sipping on the best beer in the world....

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  • Jazz Dock | Prague Jazz Clubs Jazz Dock

    Located on the winding Vltava River is the cool cat hip club titled Jazz Dock where you can dock your worries behind and sit down and relax with a cold cocktail that will turn your blood red hot and listen to live jazz music which will turn your toes in and make you sigh. Having said all this, if you haven’t caught the next tram to Jazz Dock, perhaps you can be persuaded by their tasty treats and dinner options...

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  • Jazz Republic | Prague Jazz Republic

    Located in the heart of Prague’s charming Old Town district is Jazz Republic, one of Prague’s leading music clubs. Jazz Republic offers live music daily including jazz, funk, blues, dance, latin, acid jazz, world music, fusion and much more. Each month the music program is new, guaranteeing fresh, exciting sounds to music lovers year round provided by top musicians in Prague and the Czech Republic. The management at Jazz Republic means business and takes their position in the live music...

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  • Reduta Jazz Club | Prague Jazz Clubs Reduta Jazz Club

    Reduta Jazz Club, which holds the distinction of being Europe's oldest jazz joint, dates back to 1958 is also Prague’s most authentic. Reduta Jazz Club is located in the heart of the gorgeous downtown area on famed Narodni Street. Reduta is the most popular and well-known jazz clubs as it features the best of the best that Czech and international jazz has to offer and just so happens to be the lucky jazz venue where former US President Bill Clinton...

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  • U Malého Glena | Prague U Malého Glena

    U Malého Glena is located in the magical area of Lesser Town and is one of the most popular bars in Prague. This establishment which has been in existence since 1995 is very popular for many reasons, the most popular reasons being the different types of beer offered and the jazz and blues music that pumps through the cool underground bar into the early hours of the morning. U Malého Glena features two floors, the first floor opens at 10...

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