Art Nouveau

  • Cafe Amandine | Prague Cafes Cafe Amandine

    Located in Prague 2 in the pretty area of Moran, which is close to the Vltava River is the gorgeous Café Amandine, a true throw back to the Art Nouveau cafes of the First Republic and to authentic Parisian cafes. Café Amandine’s interior is complete with chartreuse and hot pink striped wallpaper, an abundance of dark wood, a large bar, display cases with delectable treats, Art Nouveau glass chandeliers and much more. The staff at Café Amandine with their proper...

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  • Cafe Savoy | Prague Cafes Cafe Savoy

    This stunning cafe is located on the western riverbank, not far from Kampa Island and just across the street from Lesser Town. As a monument to Prague`s rich history, this airy and open cafe is a great place to relax and breathe in the aroma of the past. Situated on the ground floor of a fin de siecle building, this cafe has been around since 1893. Once a decadent coffeehouse, the Savoy was a favorite smoky haunt in the era...

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  • Kavarna Lucerna | Cafes in Prague Kavarna Lucerna

    Overlooking the strange and the fantastic hanging St. Wenceslas sculpture on his upside down dead horse by the one and only controversial Czech artist, David Cerny, you will find the intriguing Lucerna Café. Situated in the intricate Lucerna Passage, the café is a welcome spot to stop and take in the special architectural charms of the Art Nouveau passage on your way through New Town. The spacious café features an array of drinks including coffee, cocktails and beer, snacks and...

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  • Plzenska Restaurace | Interior Plzenska Restaurace

    Plzenska Restaurace (The Pilsner Restaurant) at Obecni Dum is a combination of excellent traditional Czech cuisine, legendary Pilsner Beer and a unique Art Nouveau interior. The restaurant is located in the basement of the Prague Municipal house, one of Prague's cultural centers which was renovated in the nineties and which features regular concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events as well as the American Bar and the fine dining Francouzska restaurace. If you are growing a bit weary of all the exotic...

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