Cafe in Vinohrady

  • Czech Inn Kavarna | Prague Czech Inn Kavarna

    Located in the popular residential area of Vinohrady and situated in a gorgeously renovated Art Nouveau building is the Czech Inn Kavarna Café & Bar. Belonging to the design hotel / hostel but open to the public, the bar is located on the ground floor and is in a large, beautiful oblong room with intricate ceiling moldings depicting grape vines, hops and instruments, motifs from what once was the King’s Vineyards, or Vinohrady. The detailing is exquisite and blends magically...

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  • Kavárna Pražírna | Barista Kavárna Pražírna

    Conveniently located in Prague's center close to the I.P. Pavlova metro/tram station is Kavárna Pražírna, a cafe serving delicious freshly roasted coffee. The coffee craze has really hit Prague in the last few years and thanks to this places like Kavárna Pražírna exist, where you can actually have your coffee freshly roasted and ground. This is obvious upon entering the cafe as the wonderful rich aroma of freshly roasted Arabica coffee hits your Olfactory sense. The interior of the non-smoking...

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  • La Caveau French Wine & Cheese Shop | Prague Le Caveau French Wine & Cheese Shop

    Located in the residential area of Zizkov in Prague is Le Caveau a combined wine and cheese shop with an intimate wine tasting area. Le Caveau, a family operated company aims to import quality international wines at affordable prices, which is exactly what you will find at Le Caveau. Le Caveau specializes in top quality French wines, all of which are tasted by a viticulturist before the final purchase. A large portion of the French wines available at Le Caveau...

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  • Monolok Cafe | Prague Cafe Monolok Cafe

    Located in Prague's pretty Art Nouveau neighborhood of Vinohrady is the popular Cafe Monolok. This cafe serves up perfection in a cup – made with coffee from local roaster Coffee Source and created by skillfully trained baristas, you will be hard pressed to find a better coffee drink in Prague. Cafe Monolok offers a variety of coffee drinks including espresso, cappuccino, corretto, affogatto, vacuum pot, drip, etc., ensuring there is something for every coffee enthusiast. The bright cafe boasts an...

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