Catering services in Prague

If you are planning a private party or celebration in your home or at a historic location you will be in need of an exceptional catering service that will have all of your friends expressing their gratitude for inviting them to the culinary event of the year! Companies and restaurants offering catering services in Prague will arrange wine tasting, cocktail parties, barman shows, garden parties, wedding catering, catering for children's parties and much more. Their services also often include rental of catering inventory such as porcelain, cutlery, furniture and more. Catering companies in Prague can provide catering for a romantic dinner for two, as well as for a wedding banquet or huge gala dinner in a beautiful historical building. Take a look at our offer of catering services in Prague and in order to make your party the talk of the town, look no further than our offer of catering services in Prague.

  • Prague Catering | Fantastic Catering Services Prague Catering

    Prague Catering is a catering company ready to do their best to make your social event a great success! The company has rich experience with all sorts of social events such as cocktail parties (a shorter party but with top dining experience which could feature various kinds of canapés and other carefully selected dishes and wines), company parties (the sample menu includes salads, cold bowls, an oyster station, a cheese table, a warm buffet and desserts but can be modified...

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  • Art Cakes Prague Art Cakes Prague

    Everyone wishes for an amazing wedding cake or dessert table for their special day. Why not entrust your wedding dessert table to Art Cakes Prague – a reputable cake and dessert company that creates gorgeous wedding cake creations and sweet treats to place alongside them. With Art Cakes Prague on your side you will get not just a tasty cake, but a sweet table that is simply a work of art – a work of art that reflects and accentuates...

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  • Vyšehrad 2000 Group | Catering Services in Prague Vyšehrad 2000 Group

    The Vyšehrad 2000 Group, founded in 1994, is one of the top players in the varied and exciting world of Prague gastronomy. The company operates the famous Municipal House Café, and the restaurant, cafe and brewery at Malostranská Beseda, as well as the multi-functional Botanika Golf Club some 25 km outside of Prague. The Vyšehrad 2000 Group will provide everything you can think of in terms of gastronomy and related services for your next party, reception, banquet, or dinner. You...

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  • French Restaurant Catering | Wedding Hall Francouzska Restaurace Catering at the Municipal House

    If you fancy a unique private dining event in Prague's most prominent Art Nouveau building, the Municipal House, there is nothing easier than turning to the Francouzská Restaurace catering services. Francouzská Restaurace offers unrivalled services for your receptions, banquets, cocktails, company and private parties or gala dinners either in your company premises or in the exclusive event halls of the Municipal House, a major Prague landmark and a concert hall. Besides delicious dishes from international as well as Czech traditional...

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  • Catering La Bodeguita | Catering Services in Prague Catering La Bodeguita

    The catering and gastronomy company Catering La Bodeguita offers its clients professional catering and related services for company events. Since its foundation in 1995, the Catering La Bodeguita company has had rich experience with catering services in Prague – it has organized an immense number of events of various sizes and types, including huge events with up to 4,500 guests. Its clients include companies and state institutions, as well as significant Czech and foreign personalities from the cultural, business and...

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  • Mlsná kavka catering | Green Doors Mlsná kavka – vegetarian catering

    If you are in need of non-traditional catering for your business or private event, contact the catering service of the vegetarian restaurant Mlsná kavka operated by the non-profit organization O.s. Green Doors. You can choose from three forms of vegetarian assortments; a small assortment for CZK 150 per person, a larger menu where the amount of food per person equals to a lunch or dinner for CZK 200 per person, and a varied menu in the luxury offer for CZK...

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  • Golem | Catering Services in Prague Golem

    The Golem Catering Company has been on the Czech market since 1991 and is one of the most sought-after and quality companies providing catering services in Prague. Golem will help you choose a suitable social event and work out its schedule to the very last detail. Golem's professionals will compile a suitable menu for you, arrange rental of space and its decoration with flower arrangements, technical equipment for presentations, cultural and entertaining program and much more. Golem organizes gala dinners,...

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  • Sweetlife Bakery | Prague Sweet Shops Sweetlife Bakery

    Sweetlife Bakery, a family run establishment, has two locations in the gorgeous city of Prague. The bakers and pastry chefs at Sweetlife bakery have experience in the Czech Republic and abroad and specialize in American, Czech and international sweets that are sure to please even the most demanding sweet tooth. The goal of the bakery is to mix baking traditions with new culinary methods together with international knowledge, all in order to make perfectly delectable sweet creations. Sweetlife Bakery uses...

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  • Hemingway Cocktail Service | Expert Bartenders Hemingway Cocktail Service

    Since 1998 Hemingway Cocktail Service has been providing top quality bartending service and drinks catering in Prague and mixing up mouthwatering cocktails that keep thirsty customers coming back for more, which is exactly why the company opened Hemingway Bar, a classy establishment located in the heart of Prague. The minute you start thinking the words party, cocktail or fun, Hemingway Cocktail Service will pop into your mind; with years of experience behind the bar, Hemingway offers the best top-level drink...

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