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Since 1998 Hemingway Cocktail Service has been providing top quality bartending service and drinks catering in Prague and mixing up mouthwatering cocktails that keep thirsty customers coming back for more, which is exactly why the company opened Hemingway Bar, a classy establishment located in the heart of Prague. The minute you start thinking the words party, cocktail or fun, Hemingway Cocktail Service will pop into your mind; with years of experience behind the bar, Hemingway offers the best top-level drink services and bartending consultancy in Prague. Besides serving delicious mixed drinks to you, Hemingway can also put on an exciting bartender show or even teach you how to mix your own delightful concoctions. For all your private events Hemingway Cocktail Service provides glasses for rent, mobile bars, ice and crushed ice. And if you are considering opening a drinking establishment of your own, Hemingway Cocktail Service is available for consultation and will even train professional staff for you in their own Prague bartending school.  

+420 608 974 764, info@hemingwaybar.cz, www.hemingwaybar.cz


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