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Do you feel like you cook the same dishes all the time and do you long for a change in your home menu repertoire? Do you want to learn to cook exotic dishes, bake delicious cakes, or learn more about traditional Czech cuisine? Then you are the right prospective student for the cooking classes offered by several different institutions in Prague. Cooking classes in Prague are usually designated both for experienced cooks who want to learn to prepare new meals or improve their techniques, and for beginners who are only starting to discover the secrets of cooking. The cooking classes in Prague that we are featuring here at Prague-Stay.com take place in various parts of the capital city, or if you are interested, some teachers will even come to your home so that you can cook in the comfort of your own kitchen. Besides learning how to make new dishes you will also discover many tips and tricks that are commonly used by professional chefs and that will make your work in the kitchen easier. Whether you decide to attend an elementary cooking course that will teach you basic skills or choose any of the specialized courses that will introduce you to foreign cuisines, you can be sure that your Prague cooking course will exceed your expectations!