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Presto – Martin Kincl's Culinary School

Since 2005, the Presto Culinary School led by chef Martin Kincl has gained an excellent reputation and many satisfied students. All lovers of good food will certainly appreciate the professionally prepared and conducted classes with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, which are intended for all no matter the level of culinary skills. No matter if you choose a basic course consisting of 9 lessons or a special course focused on Czech, Italian or Japanese cuisine, seafood, preparation of meat or a even a bartending course, you will surely not be disappointed. The basic course includes everything from the preparation of soups, salads, meat or pasta, to desserts and bartending. All cooking classes are held in a pleasant environment, you do not need to worry about shopping, as carefully selected fresh ingredients are included in the price of the course, and everything you cook you can enjoy on the spot or take it home for your family or friends. During each class the chef gives you the opportunity to taste delicious wine, which is always carefully chosen to perfectly suit the prepared dishes. Chef Martin Kincl will personally persuade you that cooking for a party, family or friends is not just work, but also a form of pleasurable entertainment and a fine art.

Sládkova 2, Praha 7, +420 776 560 202,


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