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The city of Prague features various modern, postmodern and contemporary installations, private gallery openings and fine museums to feed your need of the Modern. The Veletrzni Palace, part of the National Gallery of Prague, was once destined to outdo the Pompidou Center in Paris in sheer size and cultural power; this is a good example that Prague was and is ready to accept the Modern, even embrace it. Historically, Prague has had a strong background in Modernism, displayed by the avant-garde movement of The Eight (Osma), Emil Filla, Bedrich Feigl, Max Horb, Bohumil Kubista, Otakar Kubin, Emil Pittermann Longen, Willi Nowak and Antonin Prochazka, as well as the Functionalist movement Devetsil, led by the prolific Karel Teige. This movement brought close ties with Western Europe, as Karel Teige endlessly invited famous artists to lecture and perform in Prague, figures such as Man Ray, Le Corbusier, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Paul Klee, Walter Gropius, and Andre Breton. If you are interested in modern and contemporary art in Prague, have a look at our recommended galleries listed below, all of which are complete with descriptions, photographs, maps and contact information.