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La Casa Argentina

Located in the gorgeous area of Prague’s Old Town is La Casa Argentina, a popular eatery where you will be transported to the colorful land of Argentina. The restaurant is divided into five sections (described below) representing diverse areas of Argentina from a to z. The setting offers a relaxed yet bustling atmosphere providing a tranquil place to spend your time, which will flow slowly and peacefully like the Parana River, at La Casa Argentina. The first section of La Casa Argentina is Salon Caminito, a bustling restaurant and cocktail bar that features 130 thirst-quenching drinks. The Buenos Aires La Boca district, an area famous for its colorful corrugated iron dwellings that used to house brothels and cabarets, which is currently famous for its Tango performances on every street corner is represented in Salon Caminito, where you can encounter the restaurant’s master of their Argentinean grill (the Parillero) prepare juicy steaks from the highest quality cuts. Salon Isla evokes a feeling of dining and relaxing on a tropical island and is complete with large aquariums filled with scrumptious lobsters and stuffed animal wall décor as well as live turtles and lizards. The third section, Salon Iguazu is dedicated to the natural beauty of Argentina and showcases a massive tree trunk in the center of the space full of live iguanas. The fourth area, Salon Puerto La Boca represents the importance of Buenos Aires being a port city. Salon La Boca is decorated as an ancient vessel complete with sails and canvas swings to relax in. The last section, the Calle de Futbol recalls the passion that Argentineans share for football and features memorabilia including uniforms and photographs from the champions of Argentinean football. The menu at La Casa Argentina prepared by award-winning chef Jaroslav Zahalka is extensive and features a wide variety of breakfast dishes, lunches and dinners. La Casa Argentina is ready to serve up great food to the whole family with a kid's menu as well. We heartily recommend the Argentinian beef carpaccio with basil pesto, pine nuts and parmesan cheese shavings as a starter, followed by the fillet of cod fish with slices of nut-oil marinated cauliflower, accompanied by maté sauce with raisins and sherry vinegar, and cauliflower puree from the seafood and fish menu, or parrillada – all you can eat, and your choice of Argentinian grilled meats for two persons. La Casa Argentina is also proud to provide entertainment every night of the week with a selection of live music, tango dancing, theme nights, piano nights and traditional South American dancing.

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Dlouhá 35/730, Praha 1, + 420 222 311 512, +420 602 360 060,



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