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Mlsná kavka | Vegetarian Restaurant
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Mlsná kavka | Green Doors
Mlsná kavka | Vegetarian Restaurant

Mlsná kavka

The non-smoking vegetarian restaurant Mlsná kavka puts great emphasis on the quality of the food served, as well as on the service itself, and can be found in Karlín only a short walk from the Florenc metro station. The Mlsná kavka (Picky Jackdaw) restaurant is special in the sense that it provides job opportunities for people who are otherwise disadvantaged on the labor market because of mental disabilities. The restaurant was founded as a joint project of the Green Doors civic association, a non-governmental organization helping people with schizophrenia with labor and social rehabilitation, and the restaurant chef Filip Kavka Smiggels. Besides Mlsná kavka, the Green Doors association also runs Café Na půl cesty and Klub V. kolona. At Mlsná kavka you can choose from many imaginative meat-free dishes prepared from fresh seasonal ingredients. The ingredients used include more exotic delicacies such as salsify, mangelwurzel (feild beets), or artichokes. The menu changes with each season depending on available ingredients, so you can be sure of the freshness of each dish. Czech dishes are complemented with quality Czech wines and fair trade coffee. The restaurant is also ideal for families with children, since besides being non-smoking, the restaurant offers special vegetarian menus for children. At regular workshops children can learn to cook with the local chef. Mlsná kavka also offers special events such as regular Sunday brunches, catering or once a month an all-evening event called, a menu consisting of five courses prepared specifically for the given evening that present a unique gastronomic experience.

Sokolovská 327/29, Prague 8, 186 00, +420 777 913 054,


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