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Located in four locations throughout Prague, Express Sandwich offers fresh and tasty sandwiches, a daily soup choice, salads and snacks. As a matter of fact and a true challenge to other sandwich makers, the owners of Express Sandwich have gone so far as to say that they make the best tasting sandwich in the city of Prague. Luckily for people searching for quality fast food establishments in Prague, their claim to fame just so happens to be true. In true ‘Subway’ sandwich style, Express Sandwich makes everything right in front of your eyes, so you can be sure that your fresh sandwich really is made to order right then and there without any mysterious preservatives. You can choose from several types of bread including thin healthy wraps, along with 12 different ingredients, which you can add to the basic sandwich types and top with a variety of sauces. The sandwiches offered at Express Sandwich are available in two sizes, small for a light snack or large for those with a heartier appetite. Express Sandwich delivers and also provides catering services, perfect for a business meeting or a summer party.

Vinohrady, Anglická 17, +420 222 510 446. Anděl, Radlická 1E/3179, Praha 5, +420 257 326 669. BB Centrum - Filadelfie, Želetavská 1 Praha 4, +420 241 480 020. Old Town, Shopping Center Palladium, Náměstí Republiky 1, Praha 1, +420 225 771 789.


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