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Nordsee is a popular European fast food chain serving seafood, seafood and even more seafood! Nordsee is extremely popular as you can sample delicious delicacies of the seas, oceans and fresh water lakes for very affordable prices in a bright and friendly atmosphere. The establishment features an array of colorful salads, sushi, wraps, sandwiches, hot dishes, and more made with a great variety of fish and seafood. What's more, the website of the Nordsee chain gives you the option to automatically calculate the amount of fats, proteins and sacharides in your meal as well as its overall energy value. You can pick and choose and opt for take away from their fish-filled scrumptious snack bar or you can sit and dine in their nautical-inspired spaces. Nordsee is a true winner when it comes to quality, mouthwatering fast food in Prague and has filled the seafood gap in this landlocked country. Nordsee offers a healthier fast food option in the city of Prague with their selection of salads, wraps and more, however, if you crave traditional fish and chips head to Nordsee as they serve this tasty treat as well!  

OC PALLADIUM, Náměstí Republiky 1, Praha 1, +420 225 771 197.


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