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Cafe Montmartre

Located in the whimsical district of Old Town in the center of Prague is Café Montmartre, which is better known to locals as Cabaret Montmartre. Founded in 1911, it is one of Prague’s legendary intellectual hot spots where Bohemians would and still do gather to discuss the arts and culture. The café is situated in a spacious, charming old building called U třech divých, or the House at the Three Savages. Café Montmartre has had a most interesting history of famous clientele including Jaroslav Hašek, František Langer, Eduard Bass, Franz Kafka, Franz Werfel, Max Brod, Johannes Urzidil and Gustav Meyrink. The fact that the best Czech and German writers would gather at Café Montmartre signifies that the entertainment program at the café was grand. Czech, German and the Yiddish language were all represented at the café with debates, readings and discussions. The interior featured Cubist paintings; a fresco of hell, graphics and decorations by V. H. Brunner, František Kysela, Zdeněk Kratochvíl and Jiří Kroha adorned the walls, making Café Montmartre a famous place indeed. Josef Waltner who would act as the landlord, dancer, lecturer and owner of the café founded cafe Montmartre. The Café is now in the capable hands of the owners of Café Indigo and Gambit Photo, two establishments respecting and reflecting the grand Czech tradition of intellect and art.

Řetězová 7, Praha 1, +420 602 277 210. 


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