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Cafe Šlágr

This charming First Republic cafe and sweet shop is full of character and delicious goodies. Located in Prague's charming, up-and-coming neighborhood of Vršovice, Cafe Šlágr is not only an attractive, cozy cafe, but also one of the best places in Prague to buy homemade baked goods that include pastries, made to order tortes, gluten-free cakes, and more – all of which are made from old family recipes. The interior of the cafe is simply lovely - a trip to Cafe Šlágr will definitely have you longing for the past. The cafe boasts gorgeous lighting fixtures, high ceilings with beautiful old plaster work, original floor tiles, old time photographs, and more. The ambiance is made all the more romantic and nostalgic by the then popular period music played from old original speakers. Cafe Šlágr is open all day and offers affordable breakfast/brunch options, which is perfect if you wish to go out for breakfast from time to time; breakfast is served every day from 10:00 – 14:00. Cafe Šlágr also offers light snacks, wine, tea, rich coffee drinks, and more. Treat your sweet tooth today and visit the First Republic style Cafe Šlágr! 

Francouzská 72, Praha 10, +420 607 277 688, 


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