Café Jen

Located in Prague 10 on pretty Kodaňská Street is Café Jen, a wonderful young establishment that is simply put, delightful. Café Jen offers a comfortable attractive space where you can sit, relax and enjoy some fresh homemade food – this neighborhood cafe has it all. The popular cafe brings to mind cafes abroad where cafes are central in shaping the community; regulars can be seen populating the cafe daily. This is in fact the goal of Café Jen's owners Hanka Bojdová and Dominika Fajtová, two savvy ladies who know a thing or two about operating a successful cafe as Café Jen is immensely popular with locals. The interior is simple and pretty and features attractive furnishings and an abundance of stripes. The menu offers an array of delicious drinks and food including tasty breakfast dishes, light meals, snacks, rich coffee drinks (made with Has Bean Coffee), fresh fruit smoothies, pastries, cakes (we highly recommend the fresh apple cake), breads, and more. This atmospheric cozy cafe gets our vote for one of the best cafes in Prague 10.

Kodaňská 37, Praha 10, +420 604 329 904, 

Address: Kodaňská 37, Praha 10

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