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On the search for some great tasting high quality coffee in Prague? If so, head to Dos Mundos, a small cafe/shop where you can sample and/or purchase fresh roasted Dos Mundos coffee in Prague's Vinohrady neighborhood. The unassuming cafe is simple, clean and elegant – perfect for an interior that places emphasis not on decor but on the product they are promoting. Dos Mundos coffee is quite simply some of the best coffee we have tasted in Prague, and with experienced knowledgable baristas you can bet that it the coffee drinks are always prepared with precision and love. Whether you are visiting Dos Mundos to buy fresh coffee for your French press or espresso machine at home or popping in to sample the dark drink of the gods in a cool atmosphere surrounded by latte lovers and cappuccino foam sippers, you can't go wrong with Dos Mundos. Visit Dos Mundos today and enjoy the amazing smell and taste of freshly roasted coffee! 

Milady Horákové 38, Praha 7, +420 732 243 223,


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