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PROTI PROUDU | Cafe & Bistro in Karlin
PROTI PROUDU | Dessert Spread
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PROTI PROUDU | The Lucky White Rabbit
Bistro PROTI PROUDU | Delectable Dessert
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Bistro PROTI PROUDU | Fresh Sandwich and the Bistro Rabbit
Bistro PROTI PROUDU | Sweet Treats


Bistro PROTI PROUDU in Prague's neighborhood of Karlín is a great little family-friendly bistro that is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At this stylish welcoming bistro you can enjoy a wide variety of nutritious international dishes including a variety of fresh sandwiches made with homemade bread, homemade hearty soups, some Sardinian specialties, etc. The interior, combining elements of glass, wood, natural stone; the soothing colors of white and soft gray, and the warm colors of yellow and rust-colored orange, is sleek, elegant and modern, yet still welcoming and warm. This lively bistro, whose name translates to “against the mainstream” is the perfect place for a family breakfast, business lunch, and/or a friendly get together for a glass of well-chilled glass of Prosecco… furthermore, it's exciting for egg lovers out there to note that Bistro PROTI PROUDU serves breakfast all day! Bistro PROTI PROUDU is also a sought after setting for coffee and cake; the espresso and coffee drinks served are rich and creamy, and the homemade dessert are just simply too good to even share with your date. With clean lines and an airy light setting combined together with international cuisine and Italian and French style influences in the relaxing family-like atmosphere, Bistro PROTI PROUDU presents a fine clear concept of what a bistro should be.  

Březinova 22/471, Praha 8, + 420 728 036 171,  


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