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Phill's Twenty7

Visit Phill's Twenty7 bistro and cafe in the popular neighborhood of Holešovice today for some delectable eats in a hip atmosphere. This establishment is close to home design shops and the old Holešovice harbor, and is situated in one of Prague's up-and-coming neighborhoods. This attractive, design-friendly eatery offers excellent international cuisine in a modern and stylish setting. Phill's Twenty7 was opened due to its owner's travels and experiences from around the world – add inspiration from local culture and local food together with a love for cooking, and boom – Phill's Twenty7 was born! At this popular bistro/restaurant you can enjoy a quick coffee, a delicious breakfast, business lunch or a romantic dinner – whatever you prefer, Phill's has you covered. Boasting a charming design and comfortable atmosphere, this is one establishment you will never want to leave. If you are looking for a great bistro/cafe/restaurant where you can enjoy the finer things in life in a great welcoming design setting, Phill's Twenty7 is the place to be. Furthermore, you can visit Phill's Twenty7's sister establishment, Phill's Corner - just around the corner on the high street. 

Přístavní 27/339, Praha 7, +420 605 444 528, 


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