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Phill's Corner

Visit Phill’s Corner today and enjoy a delicious breakfast / brunch and more in a popular culinary hotspot. Located in Holešovice, a former industrial suburb that is now considered one of the best neighborhoods in Prague for art and design, Phill’s Corner is the sister establishment to Phill's Twenty7 – a beloved design-friendly bistro offering great food & drinks. Phill’s Corner is situated on the high street and is conveniently close to such cultural gems as the Dox Centre for Contemporary Art and Vnitroblock. This stylish cafe – for stylish people – features a cozy interior as well as outdoor seating (perfect for people watching come warmer weather). Make sure to order an Italian espresso or coffee drink while you’re there as Phill’s Corner boasts one of the best shots in Prague. Phill’s is suitable for vegetarians.

Komunardů 26, Praha 7, +420 731 836 988,


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