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Cafedu is a coworking/studying space-cum-café in Prague. Located behind the National Museum, it is situated in the city center directly next to a metro line, making it an easy place to reach. The café boasts a large open modern space with amazing natural light filtering in through double height windows. A red spiral staircase leads upstairs, where there is a quiet workspace. The biggest draw here – besides the tasty Dos Mundos coffee and snacks served – is the fact that the study room/workspace is open 24-hours a day for all your coworking needs! Both the café and study room have fast Wi-Fi and many outlets, so you can simply find a good spot, sit down, and work uninterrupted. Cafedu also has a printer should you need to copy or scan any materials. Furthermore, at Cafedu you can rent out the study room or another area for presentations, workshops, or meetings. The non-stop study room requires registration, which can be easily done online. Happy working!

Škrétova 490/12, Praha 2, +420 776 014 922, 


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