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Kofárna is a great place to sip on delicious espresso-based drinks all the while enjoying its calm, relaxing atmosphere. Conveniently located in between Malá Strana and Smíchov, this espresso bar and café ticks off all the boxes for coffee lovers (great coffee, alternative brewing methods, expert baristas, etc.). Kofárna is not only a great place to visit should you need a cup of coffee and a light meal, but also if you’re on the lookout for a suitable place to work remotely (w/ free Wi-Fi, an abundance of outlets, etc.). The simple and clean interior consists of an espresso bar, a dessert display case with fresh cakes and pastries, simple wood tables, and long communal tables with comfortable stools. Kofárna is a favorite among locals and visitors – pay a visit today and enjoy some of the best coffee in Prague.

Zborovská 84/60, Praha 5, +420 797 795 678, www.facebook.com/kofarna


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