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Cafe Ebel

Your neighborhood coffeehouse at its best! Located in secluded and charming locations throughout Old Town, Café Ebel is warm and very inviting. The café interiors have an eclectic feel to them with wooden tables, antique furniture, and random wall art. The staff members are very friendly and complete the cozy atmosphere in these intimate cafes. Café Ebel specializes in fresh 100% Arabica coffee, imported from around the world and roasted every week in the Czech Republic, tea, mulled wine and much more. Café Ebel offers a small but varied menu including breakfast, snacks, bagels, soup, and delicious desserts such as cookies and mouthwatering cakes. Café Ebel is the perfect place for a great cup of coffee and breakfast, or a light midday meal!

Templová 7, Praha 1, +420 603 544 492. Kaprova 11, Praha 1, +420 604 265 125. řetězová 9, Praha 1, +420 222 222 018, 


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