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Classical elegance combined with a breathtaking view of Charles Bridge and its Old Town Tower make for an unforgettable dining experience in Prague. At Mlynec you can sample forgotten Czech delicacies made with love by chef Vladimír Vaníček, who creates delightful dishes using contemporary culinary methods with respect to traditional cuisine. This innovative twist on traditional dishes has the culinary elite loving every minute at Mlynec; and you will too, especially if you find yourself there in the warmer months dining on the terrace with its marvelous views. Besides traditional Czech fare, Mlynec offers international dishes - all of which are based on seasonal produce. Vaníček joined Mlynec in 2014 to support the cold kitchen and worked his way up the ladder to the position of head chef. He successfully combines flavors in an unexpected way and prefers to work with local ingredients. Should you be interested in how your meal is prepared, Mlynec has an open kitchen where you can witness a whirlwind of activity, flavors, and aromas. Visit Mlynec for a most memorable dining experience today.

Novotného Lávka 9, Praha 1, +420 277 000 777,


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