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V Zatisi

The V Zatisi restaurant is a refreshing and contemporary alternative to the predominantly classical settings of fine dining establishments in Prague. A famous Czech designer combined this traditional location with a variety of contemporary forms to create a pleasant atmosphere. The interior features bold use of shape and color and is complete with plaster flowers, flying candles, gradient illumination and still pictures; the local menu is as equally impressive. The Executive Chef, Igor Chramec, is excellent at creating amazing culinary spin-offs to traditional Bohemian dishes, and creative chef Mahavir Kanswal has lent his considerable talents to the menu by adding a long list of Indian dishes, the tandoori being among his award-winning triumphs. This culinary jewel is nestled in the city center, close to Bethlehem Chapel and surrounded by charming residential buildings and atmospheric cobblestone streets.

Liliová 1, Betlémské náměstí, Prague 1, +420 222 221 155, www.vzatisi.cz


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