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This Prague-based chocolatier creates magical mouthwatering chocolate bars and Belgian pralines from high quality ingredients. Dedicated to supplying Prague chocolate lovers with locally-produced chocolate with a modern twist and distinctive character, Passion Chocolate makes 9 different flavor combinations of chocolate bars, which are available in three different sizes: large chocolate tablet – 100g, small tablet – 30g, or 5g tasting squares available in luxury gift boxes or individually wrapped in cellophane sachets, and in milk, dark, and white chocolate. The chocolate bars include a variety of ingredients such as pistachios, hazelnuts, coated almonds in sugar and cinnamon, as well as delicious fruit combinations with strawberries, raspberries, currants or passion fruit. Passion Chocolate uses freeze-dried fruit for their bars; freeze-dried fruit retains its original texture, color, flavor, vitamins and minerals, unlike fruit that is dried by heat. The Belgian pralines offered at Passion Chocolate focus on unique combinations of chocolate and flavorful ingredients including bold fruit filings and purees, fresh cream, fine spirits and liquors – resulting in delectable pralines that have a very intense yet delicate flavor. Passion Chocolate uses premium Belgian chocolate from the Callebaut brand and French Cacao Barry chocolate for all their bars and pralines. Passion Chocolate can supply fine chocolates for company gifts, cafes & restaurants, celebrations, or tasting & catering. Furthermore it is good to note that on special request they can prepare a specific type of chocolate that is suitable for diabetics. Delivery is free for orders over 1,000 CZK.  


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