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Cukrář Skála

If you enjoy something sweet with your coffee or just something sweet on its own, or maybe you need a birthday cake for a party you’re planning, Cukrář Skála is the place to go for all things dessert. Step into Lukáš Skála’s sweet shop in the historic Šporkův palace near Náměstí Republiky square and the Masaryk Train Station and prepare to be amazed at his selection of cakes, desserts, bonbons, pastries, pralines, and seasonal offerings created onsite by his team of pastry experts. The interior is sleek and modern, with glass walls through which you can see into the back of the sweet shop where the chefs are hard at work on fresh batches of sweets. Feast your eyes on their large selection of dainty pralines, eclairs, pies, cakes, cookies, tartelettes, and much more. You are sure to find something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Lukáš Skála is one of the best Czech pastry chefs, whose dessert selection won a gold medal at the Culinary Olympics in Erfurt in 2016. You can’t go wrong with his traditional Czech cream-filled pastry rolls, or cookies topped with cream and covered in chocolate icing. His signature creations include cookies topped with chocolate mousse with cassis, with caramel cream and walnuts, or with mango mousse. His eclairs come in several varieties, including cassis foam stopped with blueberries, or spice cream topped with pistachios and berries. They have a catalog you can order from if you need a cake or dessert plate for a birthday party or celebration at home or at the office. There is a second Cukrář Skála shop and cafe on Dlouhá Street. Stop by either location and sample a bite of heaven today.

V Celnici 1034/6, Praha 1, +420 220 199 381; Dlouhá 39, Praha 1, +420 220 912 527;


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