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IPPA Café is a place where all your pastry dreams can come true. The desserts created by Iveta Fabešová, a renowned Czech pastry chef restoring the luster of the grand First Republic to the world of Czech confections, are no less than amazing. At first glance the desserts appear too beautiful, almost too perfect to eat but that would be a great pity as they are simply delectable. Iveta Fabešová draws culinary inspiration from both traditional Czech recipes and French cuisine. You can explore more about Iveta Fabešová's confectionery art in several ways – you can visit her many IPPA confectioneries, take a look at her sweet e-shop, or buy one of her magical cookbooks. She is the author of four cookbooks, all of which have one thing in common – they are full of delicious dessert recipes. The first book focuses on French recipes, while the second specializes in Czech desserts. The third cookbook is dedicated to seasonal baking, while the fourth features Christmas sweets and other delicacies. If you do not have time to bake the marvelous desserts yourself, simply head to any of the cafes in Prague, where you can treat yourself to her fresh homemade desserts, fine coffee and other beverages. In case you prefer to enjoy the sweet treats at home, you can have them delivered directly to your front door via the e-shop.

Jungmannova 21, Praha 1; Belgická 30, Praha 2; Tylovo Náměstí 2, Praha 2; www.ippacafe.cz 


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