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Reduta Jazz Club

Reduta Jazz Club, which holds the distinction of being Europe's oldest jazz joint, dates back to 1958 is also Prague’s most authentic. Reduta Jazz Club is located in the heart of the gorgeous downtown area on famed Narodni Street. Reduta is the most popular and well-known jazz clubs as it features the best of the best that Czech and international jazz has to offer and just so happens to be the lucky jazz venue where former US President Bill Clinton so famously wailed on his saxophone in 1994. The classic interior is just what one would expect from a real jazz club- cavernous with intimate seating complete with close wooden tables where smartly dressed intellectuals sit enjoying numerous drinks. You will find a wide range of jazz music as well as Dixieland, big band and swing at Reduta Jazz Club alongside the occasional theater or mime performance. Every night sees a live performance with music usually starting around 9:30. The club is open until midnight.  

Národní Třída 20, Praha 1, +420 224 933 487,


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