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Agharta Jazz Centrum

Located in the charming area of Prague’s Old Town district is Agharta Jazz Centrum, a popular jazz club, which dates back to 1991 when it opened on September 29th, one day after the death of modern jazz legend and pioneer Miles Davis. The jazz club is in fact named after Davis’s album Agharta, which was recorded in 1975. Agharta Jazz Centrum features live music every night from renowned musicians who are part of the Czech jazz scene and talented international jazz groups. The cavernous and intimate cellar bar features cozy seating and a warm atmosphere where you can sip on tasty cocktails and sway to the live music with a house full of savvy jazz fans. Agharta Jazz Centrum also features a comprehensive catalogue of jazz CDs from international labels including ARTA Records, the largest Czech jazz record label. Agharta Jazz Centrum annually presents the Agharta Prague Jazz Festival, a popular fest that has seen the likes of distinguished artists The Breckers, Diana Krall, Candy Dulfer, Branford Marsalis, Wynton Marsalis, Maceo Parker, Wayne Shorter, Miroslav Vitous, Mark Whitfield, Yellow Jackets and more.  

Železná 16, Praha 1, +420 222 211 275, 



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