Vrtba Garden

The UNESCO listed Vrtbovska zahrada or Vrtba Garden, is located in the charming quarter of Mala Strana. Vrtba Garden, designed by Frantisek Maximilian Kanka in 1720, is considered one of the most beautiful Baroque gardens in Central Europe. Although small and intimate, the garden features everything a Baroque garden should; elegant staircases, statues and sculptures (by Matyas Bernard Braun), terraces, colorful flowerbeds incorporated with hedge designs, frescoes (by Vaclav Vavrinec Reiner featuring Adonis and Venus) and ornate banisters. The garden is also blessed with a superb location, it sits on a slant, providing the garden with many terraces and different levels; the top level boasts the most magnificent view of St. Nicolas and Mala Strana. A popular venue for weddings, you may happen to see a magical ceremony take place, as the garden must stay open for visitors. This hidden garden is definitely a must see if you happen to visit Prague during the opening months of the garden (April to October), it is located off of Karmelitska Street behind an unassuming gate. The garden underwent a complete renovation from 1990 to 1998.

Stay in a serviced apartment in Mala Strana. Our Vogue Apartment, located in this quiet residential area of Prague, is minutes from the Vrtba Garden as is the fine dining establishment Coda, where you can dine under the stars close to the magical garden. Feel free to check out other Prague Apartments close to other hidden gardens. 

Karmelitská 25, Praha 1, www.vrtbovska.cz

Address: Karmelitská 25, Praha 1

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