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Cafe Slavia | Prague Castle
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Cafe Slavia | Prague Castle

Cafe Slavia

One of the best locations in Prague! The grand windows offer stunning views of Prague Castle and the National Theater, as it is nestled in the classical building across from the famous theater. Cafe Slavia, sister restaurant to Restaurant Parnas, has been a traditional gathering place of artists and intellectuals since the late 1800's, including former president Vaclav Havel. The Art Deco interior is complemented by traditional specialties of the house; do not miss the French-style crepes, Czech pancakes, or a cup of grog or decadent hot chocolate. The regular menu is complemented and enriched by seasonal offers. The friendly staff will greet you at the door and lead you to your table; do not forget to ask for a table with a view, although it's not always guaranteed as this famous establishment is often full to its capacity.

Smetanovo nábřeží 1012/2, Praha 1, +420 224 218 493,


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