Mad Bar

Located in Lesser Town close to the winding Vltava River is Mad Bar, a cool café and restaurant featuring a unique atmosphere, friendly regulars and hip temporary art exhibitions. Mad Bar is in fact one of the best places in Prague to sample light interesting international fare, good drinks, the best beer in the world and more. The establishment consists of a spacious front room, an intimate back room, and a calm courtyard with a dining area plus a brick cellar space for private parties. Mad Bar is a sound choice for a night out on the town if you are searching for an authentic bar for young, energetic and downright cool people. Some of our favorites from Mad Bar’s menu include the Vegetarian Tortilla (wheat tortilla, beans, rice, tomatoes, sour cream, cheese, salsa and lettuce), the Penne with Pan Fried Beef Sirloin (with mushrooms and peppercorns, garnished with shaved Italian Parmesan), the Creamy Asparagus Risotto (served with shrimp and lime skewer) and the Fresh Salmon Steak (coated with sesame seeds and served with iceberg lettuce with lime dressing). A meal is not complete without dessert of course, and Mad Bar offers their delicious Mad Crumble (homemade crumble cake with forest berries and white chocolate, served warm).

Plaská 5, Praha 5, +420 775 122 256, +420 257 219 855, 

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Cafe in Lesser Town

Address: Plaská 5, Praha 5

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