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Bageterie Boulevard is a chain restaurant located throughout Prague that serves a healthier version of fast food that is tasty and affordable. One of the best features of Bageterie Boulevard is that the establishment serves breakfast until 11:00 a.m. including such delights as yogurt with fruit, croissants, English muffins, fresh coffee drinks and more for hungry passersby on their way to work or sightseeing. For lunch or a light snack, Bageterie Boulevard offers a variety of salads including a Caesar’s Salad and a Caprese Salad alongside twelve signature baguettes, such as the Caprese or the Bruselska, and a variety of seasonal offers. You will also find some tasty side-dishes to accompany your salad or sandwich, such as potatoes or delicious soups. If you are thinking of having a picnic in the picturesque center of Prague, grab food to go from Bageterie Boulevard and head to your favorite park – you are sure to find one of these great sandwich shops close by with their excellent network of locations! Be sure to take part in the Loyalty Program to get half-off the price of every fifth sandwich you purchase. Bageterie Boulevard is the perfect choice for a light, quick and tasty meal.

Vodičkova 21, Praha 1, +420 222 514 559. Václavské náměstí 1/Na příkopě 2, Praha 1, +420 724 335 520. Vítězné náměstí 14, Praha 6, +420 233 343 021. Vinohradská 151, Praha 3, +420 255 742 260. Arkády Pankrác, Na Pankráci 86, Praha 4, +420 244 404 143. Boulevard Na Poříčí, Na Poříčí 42, Praha 1, +420 222 314 667. Vyskočilova 1481, Praha 4 – Brumlovka, +420 724 335 521. U Slavie 1527, Praha 10 – Eden, +420 724 886 587. Thámova 22, Praha 8, +420 222 315 797.


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