Pot-au-Feu is an intimate establishment located in Prague's charming Old Town. Pay a visit to this popular restaurant and enjoy delicious European fare prepared by Chef Jan Kracík, or under his close supervision – the intimate size of the establishment ensures this. Pot-au-Feu offers traditional Czech and European dishes, created with emphasis on French preparation and cooking techniques. The simple goal of the restaurant is this – to create amazing dishes made from high quality seasonal ingredients (always fresh and sourced from local farmers) and to blend all of the ingredients together to form a delicious harmonic blend of rich natural flavors. Do to the restaurant's use of fresh seasonal ingredients the menu is then ever-changing, which is good for patrons – there is always something new to entice and amaze your taste buds. Pot-au-Feu has a Czech-speaking French sommelier on hand who will expertly advise you how pair rich French wines together with the cuisine. If you wish to sample great Old World cuisine in an atmospheric setting, do not miss Pot-au-Feu.  

Rybná 13, Praha 1, +420 739 654 884, www.potaufeu.cz  

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Fine Dining in Old Town, French Cuisine

Address: Rybná 13, Praha 1

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