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If you have succumbed to the taste of Vietnamese cuisine be it as a consequence of your stay in a beautiful Asian country or your culinary experience at one of the Vietnamese restaurants and bistros that have been recently growing in numbers in Prague, sooner or later you will want to prepare some delicious Vietnamese dishes at home. The needed ingredients for your culinary magic can be best purchased at the large TTTM Sapa market place located in the outskirts of Prague. Members of the Prague Vietnamese community operate the market place and even though the market focuses on wholesale, those who do not have their own business can shop there as well. The Sapa market place consists of halls with small stores and stalls, buffets and grocery shops scattered all over the premises. Besides cheap textile products you can buy herbs, exotic vegetables and fruit including the renowned delicacy in the form of odorous durian, dried mushrooms, large sacks of rice, noodles and many other groceries that you may not even know of. At Sapa where you can get by bus going in the direction of Písnice, you can not only shop well, but also savor authentic Vietnamese dishes in some of the small bistros that cook a different meal every day. You will certainly enjoy the noodle soup with pieces of beef meat called bun bo cha cua, the renowned pho ga and pho bo soups and many other dishes made with various kinds of meat served with rice and a mix of vegetables. The TTTM Sapa market place is also a cultural center of the Prague Vietnamese community and you can also find a Buddhist temple here.

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