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RedHotChilli-Vietnamese Bistro

Enjoy authentic, traditional Vietnamese cuisine at RedHotChilli in Prague's Karlín neighborhood. Karlín is currently the hot spot when it comes to good restaurants, cafes & bistros, and RedHotChilli is definitely one of the establishments responsible for neighborhood's popularity in regards to dining out. The cozy bistro, Operated by Trinh Snicerová, features an attractive, clean interior that boasts photos of beautiful, exotic and colorful Vietnam, alongside minimal décor and wooden tables and chairs – this unassuming bistro is all about the food. During warmer months, this packed bistro (a good testament to the fact that the food served there is of the highest quality) offers outdoor seating. RedHotChilli offers all the traditional Vietnamese dishes one would expect – mouthwateringly delicious chicken and beef Phở, fresh spring rolls, Bún chả, Bún bò Nam Bộ, etc. It's interesting to note that RedHotChilli is one of the only, if not the only, Vietnamese bistros in Prague that serves traditional breakfast - bahn mi - a sandwich made of paté with fresh and pickled vegetables, coriander and chili. Flavorful Vietnamese cuisine is currently all the rage in Prague, and it is good to know for those culinary critics out there that RedHotChilli is one of the best. Pop in today and sample some of Prague's best Vietnamese food.


Křižíkova 67, Praha 8, +420 607 780 717,  


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